Volunteers @KIDS EARTH FUND office, Events

Thank you for visiting our website.
We are now looking for volunteers.

①Volunteering@KIDS EARTH FUND office
→We would like you to classify the pictures children have drawn all over the world, preparing the brushes and paints for Artworkshops

②Volunteering@Hospitals in Tokyo,Kanagawa
→We would like you to join and support children to paint picutures freely on a piece of paper @hospitals.

・May 25th,Friday 2pm@Kanagawa prefecture Kodomo iryou center
・June 11th,Thursday 2pm@Tokyo jikeikai ikadaigakuhuzoku hospital
・June 21th,Thursday 3pm@Tokyo Ikashikadaigakuhuzoku hospital
・June 26th,Tuesday 2pm@Kanagawa prefecture Kodomo iryou center

→We would like you to help selling KIDS EARTH FUND goods.
・June 2th,Saturday 10am-4pm@Hibiya park
・June 24th,Sunday 10am-4om@Yokohama red brick warehouse

If you have any interests in those information above, please feel free to contact us anytime.
03-5449-8161 OR Contact person:Mitsuki Takizawa