"Kids Helping Kids" ~ Let's repaint the earth with children's art~ Since its establishment in 1988, KEF has sponsored and carried out the distribution of art supplies, picture books, and additional donations for children throughout the world who suffer from the results of war, poverty, environmental contamination, etc.



KIDS EARTH FUND supports children’s mental health through art workshops, constructing KIDS EARTH HOME and more to spread kindness. 


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There are many different options to contribute to KIDS EARTH FUND. Please kindly find your suitable and preferred way to join us.


2019 November 3rd ~ Wildfire in Los Angeles, USA

The founder Harumi immediately went to SANTA CLARITA in LA County as soon as she heard the wildfire news in the area. It continued to burn for a week. A number of organizations provided various information to the victims of Santa Claus’s refuge. It responded quickly to aiding the victims and providing food and shelter. Many […]

2019 October 30th – Workshop at Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture

We visited Tochigi City where the typhoon had striked heavily. The Tochigi Technical High School in Tochigi City has been closed for 13 days that had rain filled the area to 1 meter and 90 centimeters. The water rose to nearly 2 meters that even pulled the child’s toy up the tree. The children showed […]

2019 October 23rd – Visit to Marumori Town, Miyagi Prefecture

I came to Marumori Town, Miyagi Prefecture, where the typhoon had striked the area. The founder Harumi came along with the support from  Dr. Watanabe from Tohoku. It was sad to see the fields that have been nurtured with great care being damaged. Their households such futons and furnitures were destroyed. Since there was no […]

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