“Kids Helping Kids” ~ Let’s repaint the earth with children’s art~Since its establishment in 1988, KEF has sponsored and carried out distribution of art supplies, picture books, and more donations for children throughout the world who suffer from the results of war, poverty and environmental contamination.



KIDS EARTH FUND supports children’s mental health by art workshops, constructing KIDS EARTH HOME and more to spread a circle of kind hearts.


How can I help?

You may join KIDS EARTH FUND in broad options. Please kindly find your suitable and preferred way to join us.


art workshop in Hotaru Tobikau Summer Festival at Watari, Miyagi (Tohoku area)

We held our annual art workshop in Hotaru Tobikau Summer Festival. More than 100 children visited our tent. Some guardians seemed troubled because children were completely focusing on drawing and forgot the time. Many children were able to have nice summer memories.

Supported children who affected by flood in Japan

Original painting fan art workshop held at Kurashiki shiritsu Sono elementary school where was open as one of the evacuation centers. Children drew many fans and gave them to their family as gifts. This school decided to have early summer break anticipating long-time temporal closure. We donated art and education materials to the school.

Held original fan drawing workshop at KIDS EARTH HOME in Tohoku

Held original fan drawing workshop at KIDS EARTH HOME in Tohoku on June 16th. We look forward to seeing their cheerful smile and colourful fans at a summer festival in Watari next month! Please contact us if you wish to receive art workshop notification by E-mail to info@kidsearthfund.jp Participation fee is for free.  

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