Donation activity


December 16-19, 2019   Christmas Project

We delivered Christmas presents to more than 800 children in 17 locations of children’s hospitals and orphanages again this year. We cannot forget the happy smiles of the children when they received their presents. To everyone at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation who have kindly been volunteering to wrap the presents every year, and to the […]

November 5, 2019 In Tateyama city, Chiba

We held another workshop in Tateyama city, Chiba, where we had visited back in September. The school lunch center still has not been restored, and they are taking lunch to school everyday. Throughout the city, there were still many houses with blue sheets covering their roofs.

2019 October 30th – Workshop at Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture

We visited Tochigi City where the typhoon had striked heavily. The Tochigi Technical High School in Tochigi City has been closed for 13 days that had rain filled the area to 1 meter and 90 centimeters. The water rose to nearly 2 meters that even pulled the child’s toy up the tree. The children showed […]

2019 October 23rd – Visit to Marumori Town, Miyagi Prefecture

I came to Marumori Town, Miyagi Prefecture, where the typhoon had striked the area. The founder Harumi came along with the support from  Dr. Watanabe from Tohoku. It was sad to see the fields that have been nurtured with great care being damaged. Their households such futons and furnitures were destroyed. Since there was no […]

2018.10.05 Workshop at Todaiji Medical and Education Center

At Todaiji Medical and Education Center, we held a workshop with Japanese calligrapher, Ms. Ohnai Ishii. Using “magical” sheet, water turns into just-like Indian ink look. It all dries in about ten minutes. Children and teachers enjoyed drawing and stamping their hands and feet. Such a peaceful time filled with laughing.

Calbee, inc. donated the polo shirts

Calbee, inc. donated the polo shirts. At the workshop the children wore it and drew the pictures. Always Calbee potato chips make the children happy!