December 3-8, 2020    Exhibition in Australia

We held a KIDS EARTH FUND exhibition at the RHAPSODY HOTEL in Australia. This is a joint exhibition for children in Japan and Australia. The colorful paintings go beautifully together with the beautiful ocean. We are next planning an exhibition in the areas that were greatly affected by the wildfires.

Recruitment of Volunteers for Charity Goods Sales at Tamagawa Takashimaya S ・ C

From November 8th to December 25th, Tamagawa Takashimaya S・C is hosing the White Angel Project on the 1st Floor Grand Patio, where works of art by children from the Hokkaido earthquake disaster areas and from around the world are being displayed. On December 23rd and 24th (Holiday) charity goods will be sold, which includes New […]

2018.11.28-12.10 KIDS EARTH FUND 30th Anniversary Exhibition “HAPPY EARTH”

KIDS EARTH FUND 30th Anniversary Exhibition “HAPPY EARTH” has been held since November 28th to December 10th at the National Art Center, Tokyo. On behalf of the children, we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our wonderful sponsors, volunteers and everyone who has supported KIDS EARTH FUND. —————————————– Exhibition: […]

2018.11.01 Workshop at Kanagawa Children’s Medical Center

Painting carbon box workshop at the institute for children with profound multiple disabilities, Kanagawa Children‘s Medical Center. These boxes will become a part of peace robot. Children excitedly asked us “Which body part will my artwork be used?”  

2018.10.25-26 Exhibition at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Held a two day exhibition at Earth Garden, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, East building. Thank you very much for your visit.

2018.10.20 “Peace Robot” Workshop at KIDS EARTH HOME in Tohoku

We held a “Peace Robot” workshop at KIDS EARTH HOME. This is a collaborative project with Mr. Len Makabe, sculptor and an advisor of KIDS EARTH FUND. These painted carbon boxes will become a part of Peace Robot body which is 4 meters high, and be exhibited at the National Art Center, Tokyo from November […]

2018.10.13 “HAPPY EARTH” Exhibition Volunteer

Salesforce Japan, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc. and also many indivisuals volunteered this week at KIDS EARTH FUND office. They contributed sewing tapestry project which KEF collected each art pieces from all over the world for a long time. This gigantic tapestry will be exhibited at the National Art Center, Tokyo from November 28th to […]

2018.10.05 Exhibition at Todaiji Temple Cultural Center

KIDS EARTH FUND Exhibition at Todaiji Temple Cultural Center, B1F October 5th(Fri) to 8th (Mon)9:30am – 5:30pm *open until 2pm on October 8th Admission free We exhibit 20 artworks of children from all over the world and also 10 pieces of artworks drawn by Sei Shimura when he was 6 years old. He is the […]

2018.09.27 Bvlgari Tokyo-Osaka Restaurants sponsored the Fundraising Party

Bvlgari Tokyo-Osaka Restaurants sponsored the KIDS EARTH FUND Fundraising Party which was held on September 27th. Every summer, Bvlgari Tokyo-Osaka Restaurants invites children with disabilities and children for whom it is ordinarily very difficult to eat out to the restaurant. A special luncheon is held with food so beautifully presented, the attending children can not […]

Exhibition is held in the Calbee Inc. lobby.

Exhibition is held in the Calbee Inc. lobby. We are exhibiting paintings drawn in the volcanic hazard zone of the Hawaiian Island in the United States and fire hazard area of last year in Sonoma. Many people, such as Calbee employees and business partners who visit us, are appreciating. (It is not open to the […]

Kids Helping Kids

From April 20th to June 2nd, the painting which is “Kids Helping Kids” drawing by the children of Cambodia, Vietnam, Palestine, Turkish, Tohoku and Kumamoto in Japan is exhibited near the ceiling of the Grill at Hyatt Regency Kyoto. In addition, we exhibit the paintings drawn by children around the world in this hotel. Please […]

“The Future of the Harp” Art Exhibition

During “The Future of the Harp” exhibition, we displayed artwork created by the children while a wonderful harp and cello concert was being performed. Through music and the colours on the canvas, the feelings being expressed reached everyone in attendance.

Salvia Children’s Art Exhibition

Salvia Children’s Art Exhibition was held at Tsurumi Ward Culture Center Salvia Hall. Since last year, this center has been providing support to Kids Earth Fund. Artwork of Kids Earth Fund was also displayed at the exhibition.

A Look at 2017 for Kids Earth Fund

In 2017, throughout the world Kids Earth Fund held 75 workshops and interacted with many children. In May, the Manchester bombing killed 22 people, including an 8-year old girl, and injured 64 people, 12 of them being children under the age of 16. To help encourage the children in England, we asked children in Japan […]


Since Kids Earth Fund was founded, this will be the first exhibition held in Kyoto. Let\\\\\\\’s look forward to watching children create artworks in Kyoto this summer. [HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARTH Exhibition] Schedule: August 17th, 2016 – August 31st, 2016 Location: Hyatt Regency Kyoto, Fuji-Daimaru, Honen-in, Mishima-tei Admission: Free [Workshop] Date/Time: August 17th, 2016, 10:00am~ Audience: […]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARTH cosponsored by ITOCHU Corporation

Events held at the Aoyama Art Square were decided in full cooperation with the ITOCHU Corporation. Please come to see the various artworks made by children from all over the world. [HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARTH EXHIBITION] Date/Time: July 27th, 2016 – August 27th, 2016 Co-sponsorship: ITOCHU Corporation Location: ITOCHU Aoyama Art Square Tokyo, Minato-ku, Kita-Aoyama 2-3-1 […]

KEF Exhibition @ Le café 338-Kyoto

From May 27th to June 11th The annual exhibition was held at Le café 338, Kyoto. We served tea and cakes for the visitors coming to see children’s paintings and they all had a wonderful time at Kyoto.


KIDS EARTH FUND will hold an art exhibition at RISE GALLERY in Himonya, Meguro, for a week, from June 20th to 26th. Pictures painted by children all around the world will be exhibited at the gallery. Please come and see the paintings with heartwarming messages from children. An opening reception will also be held on […]

KIDS EARTH FUND Exhibition in Canada

KIDS EARTH FUND will hold an art exhibition at Japanese Heritage Centre from coming May 12 in Burnaby, Canada. This is the very first time for KEF to hold an exhibition in Canada. We would like to send out all the heart-warming messages from children drawn in their paintings. Please come to the exhibition and […]


The first exhibition in 2009 is coming up soon. About 30 pictures painted by children all around the world will be exhibited. The world seen from children’s point of view, their happiness and sorrow are drawn in their paintings. Please come to the exhibition to see their paintings and find the message hidden in them. […]


This fall, bags featuring children’s art will be released by MUJI. The bags have pictures drawn by children from China, Poland, Germany, Argentina, and Sri Lanka. There will be five designs of bags for wide range of uses and for everyone, from children to adults. An exhibition of children’s art, gathered from all over the […]

Exhibition at the Bank Lobby

SMBC Tokyo main office is located at the intersection of Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo. Children’s drawings are exhibited here. You can fell the kindness and the great energy in children from the 17 pictures and we hope they will make you relax in your busy day. Please drop by when you are in the neighborhood. *For […]