History of KEF

2006.5【Philadelphia】May Exhibition at Michener Museum, Philadelphia in U.S.A.
2006.9【Tokyo】Sep Exhibition and fundraising party at the Embassy of Spain in Tokyo.
2006.9【Tokyo】Exhibition at Mori Art Museum, Roppongi in Tokyo.
2006.10【Tokyo】Oct Fundraising dinner event at Fourseasons Hotel Marunouchi (Tokyo).
2006.11【Tokyo】Exhibition at Tamagawa Volcano Shimaya SC (5th Holding White Angel Project)
2006.12【Tokyo】Dec Exhibition and fundraising party at the Embassy of Egypt in Tokyo.
2005【Tokyo】Exhibition of children's art "Happy Birthday Earth " at Electric Energy Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2005【Tokyo】17th Anniversary Fund-raising Party at Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Japan
2004【Tokyo】Establishment of No.8 KIDS EARTH HOME Tokyo, Japan
2004【Osaka】Exhibition and charity auction at Rihga Royal Hotel, Osaka, Japan
2004【Niigata】Donation of sleeping bags, blankets, toys and food for earthquake victims in Niigata, Japan
2003【Tokyo】Exhibition "KIDS ART STREET" at Marunouchi, Tokyo, Japan
2003【Tokyo】Participation in the 8th International Contemporary Art Festival (NiCAF Exhibition) in Tokyo
2003【Tokyo】KIDS EARTH FUND Fund-raising Dinner at Restaurant LUXOR
2003【Tokyo】Commencement of KIDS EARTH CAR Project Workshop in Hospitals (St. Luke's International Hospital, The Jikei University School of Medicine Jikei Hospital, etc.)
2003【Tokyo】Exhibition of KIDS EARTH FUND drawings and art workshop "Kids Festival in Otemachi" at Sankei-Building Metro Square, Tokyo, Japan
2003【Tokyo】Back stage tour at music festival by Avex and art workshop in Odaiba-Kaihin-Park, Tokyo Japan
2003【Australia】Art Exhibition and art workshop with Australian children in Sydney, Australia
2003【Tokyo】Mori Museum Roppongi Hills Inauguration KIDS EARTH FUND Booth
2003【Tokyo】15th Anniversary Fund-raising party at The Westin Hotel Tokyo
2002【Japan】Commencement of new project, "KIDS EARTH CAR" in Japan (visits to ?Ikeda elementary school, Osaka, Aiiku handicapped children's school, Tokyo, etc.)
2002【Tokyo, Yokohama】Exhibition of children's drawings and art workshops for World Cup Football Game 2002
2002【Nagoya】Exhibition and musical show " I love the Earth" in Nagoya, Japan
2002【Tokyo】Exhibition at the Sky Gallery in Haneda Airport in Tokyo
2002【Vietnam】Establishment of 4th KIDS EARTH HOME in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
2002【Vietnam】Establishment of 5th KIDS EARTH HOME in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
2002【Cambodia】Establishment of 6th KIDS EARTH HOME in Cambodia
2002【Afghanistan】Donation of art supplies to the children in Afghanistan
2002【Hawaii】Workshop Tour for physically abused children with local and Japanese children in KONA, Hawaii
2002【Nagoya】Exhibition "Thank you from N.Y. to Japanese Friends" at YYY Plaza in Nagoya, Japan
2002【Cambodia】Establishment of 7th KIDS EARTH HOME in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2002【Tokyo】Charity event "White Angel Project" at Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Center in Tokyo
2001【Tokyo】Participation in the 7th International Contemporary Art Festival (NiCAF Exhibition) in Tokyo
2001【USA】Exhibition at National Arts Club in New York, USA
2001【Australia】Exhibition of Tapestry "Sharing Our Earth" at Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia
2001【Tokyo, Takeshiba】Fund-raising party at restaurant T'SUKI in Tokyo, Japan
2001【Nagoya】Exhibition by the children of Harlem at the YYY Plaza in Nagoya, Japan
2001【Tokyo】Charity concert "J.S. Bach Organ Special vol.13" at Suntory Hall, Tokyo, Japan
2000【Singapore】Exhibition at Baccarat shop in Singapore
2000【Tokyo】Beginning of monthly fund raising seminar at Ark Hills Club Tokyo
2000【Tokyo】Fund-raising party at Ark Hills Club Tokyo
2000【China】Exhibition at national schools in Harbin, China
2000【Zambia】Donation of picture books, instruments, etc. to HIV Positive children in Zambia
2000【Tokyo】Charity concert "J.S. Bach Organ Special vol.12" at Suntory Hall, Tokyo, Japan
2000【Yugoslavia】Donation of powdered milk to the children in Yugoslavia
2000【Australia】Donation of art supplies to children with disabilities in Australia
2000【Germany】Art exhibition in National Opera Theater Baden, Germany
2000【Vietnam】Mission to Vietnam to donate art supplies to street children in Ho Chi Ming
1999【Australia】Second exhibition at the Adelaide Lending Library and Hoopers Arcade in Adelaide, Australia
1999【USA】Exhibition at medical center of University of Massachusetts in Boston, USA
1999【Tokyo, Osaka】Exhibition at Baccarat boutiques in Marunouchi, the Imperial Tower in Tokyo and at Rihga Royal Hotel in Osaka, Japan
1999【Tokyo, Osaka】Exhibition “Mother's Day - My Favorite” at Lanvin Boutiques in Ginza and Osaka Haabisu Plaza
1999【Australia】Exhibition at Kogarah School of Arts Center in Kogarah, Australia
1999【Tokyo】Charity concert "J. S. Bach Organ Special Vol.11" at Suntory Hall, Tokyo
1999【Australia】Fund-raising Party at Restaurant Tetsuya's in Sydney, Australia
1999【Australia】Exhibition at Glen Eira Arts Complex Gallery in Melbourne, Australia
1999【Tokyo】Participation in the 6th International Contemporary Art Festival (NiCAF Exhibition) in Tokyo
1999【USA】Exhibition at Westwood Gallery in New York, USA
1999【Tokyo, Ebisu】Fund-raising party at The Westin Hotel Tokyo
1999【Thailand】Inauguration of third KIDS EARTH HOME for HIV Positive children in Cheng Mai, Thailand
1998【Tokyo, Ebisu】KIDS EARTH FUND 10th Anniversary Fund-raising Party at The Westin Hotel Tokyo, Japan
1998【Nagoya】Exhibition by the children of Egypt at YYY Plaza in Nagoya, Japan
1998【Vietnam】Second KIDS EARTH HOME opens in Vietnam
1998【Tokyo, Ginza】Exhibition “Mother's Day-Children and Animals” at LANVIN Boutique, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
1998【Australia】Exhibition “Happy Birthday Earth in Australia” at Queensland Performing Arts Trust
1998【Australia】KIDS EARTH FUND 10th Anniversary Exhibition “Happy Birthday Earth in Sydney, Australia” at Quadrium Victoria Building Gallery
1997【USA】Art Exhibition at Newton Massachusetts Public Library USA
1997【Tokyo】Exhibition International Children's Art Gallery at Tokyo Global Citizen's Festival '97
1997【Tokyo,Ebisu】Fund-raising party at "Yebisu Q.E.D. club"
1996【Africa】Mission to Africa (Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique) to donate art materials, medical supplies, and clothing
1996【Croatia】Establishment of first KIDS EARTH HOME in Topusko, Croatia
1996【Yokohama】Art Exhibition at SOGO Department Store in Yokohama, Japan
1996【USA】Art Exhibition at the Medical Center of the University of Massachusetts USA
1996【Tokyo, Setagaya】Exhibition "Happy Birthday Earth" at Numata Picture Museum
1996【Boston】Art Exhibition at Harvard University in Boston USA
1996【Nagoya】Exhibition by the children of Cuba at YYY Plaza in Nagoya, Japan
1996【Tokyo, Gaienmae】Kid's Earth Fund Fund-raising Party at the "Sabbath Tokyo", Japan
1995【Hanshin Earthquake】Fund-raising for victims of the Hanshin Earthquake
1995【Nagoya】Exhibition "Happy Birthday Earth '95 in Nagoya " at Nagoya Central Park
1995【Kobe City】Mission to Kobe City with art supplies for children; a mini circus performance for victims of the Hanshin Earthquake
1995【Russia】Donation of art supplies and hand knit sweaters to a Russian orphanage
1995【Sakhalin】Donation of medical supplies and hand knit sweaters to child victims of the Sakhalin Earthquake, Russia
1995【Bosnia Herzegovina】Mission to Bosnia Herzegovina to donate art materials and medical supplies; work shop with children
1995【Boston】Exhibition "Happy Birthday Earth '95 in USA" at the World Trade Center in Boston, USA
1995【Nagoya】International Children's Exhibition at YYY Plaza in Nagoya, Japan
1994【Japan】Commencement of Children's Art Japan Tour sponsored by NTT at 169 NTT branches
1994【Russia】Mission to an orphanage in Moscow, Russia to donate art materials, clothes and medical supplies
1994【Tokyo, Roppongi】"Pre-Pushkin Museum Reception Our Gift to Planet Earth" at Laforet Museum in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
1994【Cambodia】Mission to Cambodia to donate art materials and medical supplies
1994【Russia】Exhibition "Happy Birthday Earth '94 in Russia" at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, Russia
1993【Russia】Mission to Chernobyl, Russia to donate art materials and winter clothes to the children in "Klntsy" orphanage
1993【Picture book】Publication of the picture book Crayon of the Earth Color Happy Birthday Earth III
1993【Tokyo, Harajyuku】Exhibition “Happy Birthday Earth 6; The Earth in the Future” at Laforet Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan
1993【Sri Lank】Mission to Sri Lanka to donate art materials and picture books, to build the first toilets in the slum area, and to arrange an educational program to teach people about hygiene. Provided staff for training for two years
1993【Switzerland】Exhibition “Crayon of the Earth Color” at GATT current WTO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland
1992【Picture book】Publication of the picture book Our Gift to Planet Earth "Happy Birthday Earth II"
1992【Tokyo, Harajyuku】Exhibition "Happy Birthday Earth 5: Friends of the Earth " at Dear Kids Laforet, Japan
1992【Portugal】Donation of picture books to the children in Portugal
1992【Brazil】Exhibition of 30 works of children’s art at "United Nations Earth Summit" in Brazil
1992【France】Children's art exhibition for "Happy Birthday Earth '92: A message to the Earth from Pompidou Center" in Paris, France
1991【Vietnam】Mission to Vietnam to donate picture books and art material
1991【Tokyo, Harajyuku】Publication of the picture book Happy Birthday Earth
1991【Tokyo, Kanda】Exhibition "Happy Birthday Earth 3: A Gift for the Earth" at Dear Kids Laforet, Tokyo, Japan
1991【Tokyo, Ebisu】Morris Strong, the manager of the Earth Environmental Summit, comes to Japan and visits Kids Earth Gallery
1991【India】Mission to India to donate picture books and art materials to children
1991【Tokyo, Harajyuku】Exhibition "Happy Birthday Earth 4: Dear Children in Nepal " at Dear Kids Laforet, Japan
1991【Nepal】Mission to Nepal to donate picture books to children, as well as financial support for the construction of classrooms
1990【Tokyo, Harajyuku】Establishment of "Kids Earth Gallery" at Dear Kids Laforet in Harajuku, Tokyo exhibition of children's art work, Japan
1990【Tokyo, Harajyuku】Exhibition of children's art "Happy Birthday Earth 1: Healthy Earth" at Dear Kids Laforet, Japan
1990.12【Tokyo, Makuhari】Participation in "Earth Environmental Symposium," sponsored by the Earth Human Renaissance Conference

1988 Inauguration of KIDS EARTH FUND at Unida International, Tokyo, Japan