Art lease program

What is art lease program? KIDS EARTH FUND lends selected children’s drawings for a certain period of time to allow more people to view children’s art. This unique program is available for corporations, research institutions, schools, hospitals, governments, restaurants, stores, and individuals.
Some lenders displayed at their office lobby and meeting rooms.
“Children’s art becomes a topic when guests and clients are over and creates a soothing atmosphere”
“As a corporate, we can appeal our social contribution”
...and more satisfied reviews.


■How to take part in this art lease program

・Please kindly contact us from the form as below if you wish to participate the art lease program.
・We will send the list of lease collection, please kindly select your favorite drawings from the lease collection.
・If you would like to look at the actual picture, please kindly visit the KIDS EARTH FUND Gallery in Ebisu.