【Looking for Volunteers】 who\\\\\\\’s able to translate Chinese and/or other languages.

At our foundation, we are keeping children\\\\\\\’s paints and drawings in our computer data base. We are looking for volunteers who are able to translate Chinese, Turkish, Armenian, Hrvatski, Russian, and/or Lithuanian to Japanese and English. The translation will be: titles and artist\\\\\\\’s names of the artworks. We will send a data of the artworks by e-mail and would appreciate the translated information replied by e-mail.

Please complete the form.
We will inform the details of the volunteer activity.
We will be looking forward for the replies.
Thank you.

《 Volunteers Application Form 》
(    )Chinese
(    )Turkish
(    )Hrvatski
(    )Russian
(    )Lithuanian
(    )Armenian
(    )Egyptian
(    )Singaporean
(    )Irish

Please mark a check on the language(s) you are able to translate.