【Report】Art work shop @ KIDS EARTH HOME Croatia

KIDS EARTH HOME (KEH) is in the city of Gvozd that is two hours away from the capital city Zagreb.
The area still has a serious problem of a 60% unemployment rate. On the other hand Zagreb and Dubrovnik are getting wealthy because of the tourist business.
After the declaration of independence in 1991, the conflict escalated between
Croatia and the federation of Yugoslavia.
There were also a number of victims in this area.
KIDS EARTH FUND (KEF) has done advocacy work under a combined effort of NGO, shortly after the end of conflict.
Now, it has been 16 years after the end of the conflict.
Although children who come to KEH have no experience of the conflict, they have several issues such as domestic violence due to the low unemployment rate, no interest in education, and widespread drug, cigarette and alcohol use.
Compared with the environment of 16 years ago, advocacy works done by foreign organization has been decreased and few activities remain.
We will continue to do advocacy work for children, creating spiritually rich countries and peace.