Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel 3rd Anniversary Event “Thanks 3rd Anniversary” Kids Earth Gallery

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel is now holding “Kids Earth Gallery”, celebrating its 3rd anniversary on March 3rd, 2010. During the period from Wednesday, March 3rd, which is the anniversary of the founding, to Wednesday, April 7th, about 20 pictures of children of the world which were contributed to Kids Earth Fund are exhibited at the lobby of the hotel.
Also, for a limited period from Wednesday, March 3rd to Friday, July 16th, an accommodation plan is available to a guest, offering a gallery-like “Kids Earth Room” which is the guest room filled with pictures spontaneously drawn by children of the world. Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel’s original Earth Kids Fund eco-bags will be given to all the guests of the plan.
Would you like to stay at the room which can heal and refresh you only by lodging there?