Supporting disaster areas – Iwate

April 9 to 11, we held another workshop with 20 students in the evacuation shelter located in Rikuzen Takada City Daiichi junior high school in Rikuzen Takada City, Iwaki, and 5 children at Wano Kaikan. At the Rikuzen Takada town hall, we received lecture from a person in charge of financial matters at the board of education regarding the town’s recovery strategy. The same night, our staff spent a night at the gymnasium and listened to the stories from the disaster victims. People told devastating stories about their experience through the earthquake. It was cold night in the gymnasium. The next day, we held another art workshop with 10 children at the Rikuzen Takada City Daiichi junior high school. There were children who lost smiles, or would put dark paint over other’s drawings, but most of them were excited and interested in attending the painting workshop.