2016-2017We started selling Charity Christmas Card

【2016-2017We started selling Charity Christmas Card】

This year, by the cooperation of the MS & AD Unison Smile Club,
we are able to produce a Christmas Charity Card in order to support Great East Japan Earthquake disaster area, Kumamoto earthquake disaster area, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Syrian refugees.

Also, thanks to everyone who suppoerted us, we have been able to create and sell 140 kinds of Christmas cards and postcards for 25 years. Along with the changing needs, we will stop creating a Christmas card, but thank you very much to all of everybody.

We have 3 new Christmas Cards this year.
The first one is a painting of winter drawn by kid in Russia(A),
the second one is a painting of raindeer drawn by kid in Russia(B)
And the last one is the painting of a snow man drawn by kid in Croatia.

○How to sign up
There at the bottom, fill out the leaflet of\\\\\\\” PDF document\\\\\\\”, whether you sign up by fax or email to the Kids Earth Fund, please sign up at the Kids Earth Fund website. Home page URL is as follows:

○payment method
On the card, so we enclose a shipping invoice with the card price, (Please bear the remittance charge) Please remit to the bank account of the Kids Earth Fund of arrival as soon as the invoice.

– It is 200 yen per sheet in the envelope with.
&middot; 3-Pack of A,B,C is 500 yen.
If you buy more than 50 sheets, it will be 160 yen per sheet.

<Christmas card 3 pieces set>
It is a set of Christmas card A,B,C this year.
Each card has the English message, and we sell with envelope.

<Christmas card A (English message-filled or plain)>
It is winter painting drawn by Russian kid, \\\\\\\” Winter Pleasures\\\\\\\”

<Christmas card B (English message-filled or plain)>
Russian children drew reindeer,\\\\\\\”Reindeer\\\\\\\”

<Christmas card C (English message-filled or plain)>
It is a painting of snow man drawn by kid in Croatia.

※ English message is all \\\\\\\”Season\\\\\\\’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year\\\\\\\”.
At the goods sales page, you can see the details and design of the cards.