Communication tool

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This girl was sitting on the edge of classroom and remained very quiet throughout the art workshop. When she started to flicker white painting to portray snow, teachers were astonished from her creativity. Sometimes it’s difficult for kids to speak out and express themselves through conversation especially to adults. This art workshop was the discovery […]


Prek Treng Primary School in Cambodia

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We held an art workshop at Prek Treng Primary School in Cambodia. This school used to close down whenever it rained due to leaks from the roof. Kids Earth Fund sponsored by World Air Sea service rebuilt the school. Currently, there are 585 children going to this school at a age of between 4 to […]


Art workshop was held at Binfun Center in Vietnam

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Art workshop was held at Binfun Center in Vietnam. At this center, about 30 children lives together and 100 children comes in to study. In these 2 years, Vietnam has drastically changed its economy. More cars and tall building are constructed. However, countless children still live under poor environment. There’s also no guarantee for them […]