2010-2011 Charity Christmas Card on sale

2010-2011 The new edition of the charity Christmas card is on sale!

Art work by children from
Croatia・America・China, will be on the Christmas cards!

▼Can purches through our HP▼

We were able to finish the new designed Christmas cards with the help from
MS&AD Smile Heart Club.
This year we will be selling a set of 5 christmas cards(\800) that includes, 2 new designed cards(\200/each) as well as our 3 best designed cards from last year.
※The sending fee is not included
If you purches more than 50 new designed christmas card, the price of the new designed card will be reduced to \160/each.

■MS&AD Group employee social contribution activity group

The profit from the sales of the Christmas card will be used to support children in our Kids Earth Home in former Yugoslavia, Vietnam, and Cambodia.
You will be able to purches through our website page “Original Goods”,
or you can order through FAX machine.
We hope you will enjoy our Christmas card with lovely messages from the children.