nagomi-NATULURE Organic Baby & Kids Brend is now on sale!

nagomi-NATULURE and KIDS EARTH FUND collaborately produced “nagomi-NATULURE Organic Baby & Kids Blend tea” and the tea is now on sale!

The cute package adopted a children’s drawing “A Happy Bull” and is excellent for gifts.
You can purchase it at nagomi-NATULURE store in Shinmarubiru, KEF website, and etc.
Please go ahead and try the healthy, tasty tea in the cute package!

nagomi-NATULURE website

***About the Product***

Infancy and childhood is said to be the most important time to develop good sense of tast.
Infants and children’s body contains about 70% of water in their body where grown-ups only contain 60%. Because the amount of water they contain is higher than grown-ups, children also dehydrate faster than grown-ups. This is why it is important for children to drink as much liquid as possible.

This is why the “Organic Baby & Kids Blend” was made. Drinking organic helthy tea that tasts good will help children not to dehydrate.

It is best for young children to have safe and natural products.

Good Points:

The Secret to Helth

No 1: Keeping the Natural sent and sweetness
An organic blended herb tea that brought out the best of natural sent and the sweet tast.

No 2: The Careful selection of ingredients
The technique of roasting the leaves twice in order to leave the organic sweetness of the crops.

No 3: The most important “sent” and “sweetness”
Carefully blended tea by a professional who concentrated on the two most important sense that people learn, the “sent” and the “sweetness”.